How to Delete a Bookmark in Mozilla Firefox

When you mostly worked on a browser for a very long period, you find that your list of bookmarks are unnecessarily added in the browser you use, and now it’s becoming too difficult to manage then it’s high time you should do your editing. You can either remove a single bookmark from the Firefox window or many additional pages from the Bookmarks List.

When you Delete a single Bookmark

  1. Visit the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Choose the “Bookmarks” button from file bar – Now go to that page you want to delete.
  3. Press the star icon – This icon you find in the top right corner of the browser to the right of the search bar. A menu called “Edit your Bookmarks” shall be present on the display.
  4. Press on the box named “Remove Bookmark” – To figure out if the bookmark has deleted, you have to reopen the browser and see under the “Bookmarks” icon in the toolbar.

When you Delete Many Bookmarks

  1. Visit the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Press on the Bookmarks buttons from the toolbar – Now a drop down menu will be shown where you can choose “Show All Bookmarks.”It will launch the library window.
  3. Press the folder you want to edit – Choose this folder from the left-hand side, and its contents will appear in the right-hand window.
  4. Choose the bookmarks you wish to remove – Press on the file you wish to remove and hold down the Command Key with you scroll over to the other bookmarks you want to delete.
  5. Choose the cog icon – You can find this icon in the top left-hand corner, and a drop-down menu will appear. Click “Delete.”

Hope this article helped you delete the unrequited bookmarks on your browser.

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