How to Ensure Safety of Your Kids on the Halloween Night

On Halloween night, more than 40 million children in the US freely roam around the streets. Covered out as ghouls. Ghosts and probably the year’s best meme too. There are many folks out there who wait for Halloween throughout the year because this is perhaps their favorite night.

As a parent you obviously want your children to enjoy this fun night, but Halloween can be a little bit of a horrifying thing. Luckily, there are so many high tech tricks and tools through which you can ease your mind. Try not to go all crazy like a stalker on your children, but you can easily use location sharing among mobile phones with the help of several apps.

1. Find My friends
Luckily if you are an iPhone family, then there are several ways to share the locations. The most convenient way would be to use Apple’s own Find My Friends app. Just launch the app and tell your Children to do the same. Each one should download the program, click to the add button and look for people they share their contact with.

Your kids may choose to share location until the end of the day. So now that they have shared their location, you can see their live movement on the map.

2. Know Where the Treats Are
Nothing is worse for the well-dressed children than your way up to front walk. At the place of making guesses if the burning house without any porch light on is in or out on Halloween. Check out the NextDoor’s Treat Map. Next door allows neighbors to talk to each other regarding essential issues on their specific block. They can block out the people who live somewhere else. Service’s treat map also allows users to share if they have candy to give. NextDoor helps the families to map out a safe Halloween route.

3. Avoid Haunted Houses
Although the parents tell their children that nothing is wrong in getting frightened over trick or treating. They also know themselves that there are some homes to be avoided. Certain residences may have unfriendly dogs. Parents should be well aware of potential problematic homes in their neighborhood.

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