The Complete Guide to Wiping a Hard Drive

Wiping a hard drive means erasing the drive and removing all of its information. Most probably deleting everything doesn’t mean wiping out the hard drive. Formatting won’t always wipe out the hard drive. You need to go an extra mile and wipe it out.

Formatting a hard drive will delete the partition. The data will get invisible. If you apply for any file recovery program, then the file recovery program may recover info easily.

Wipe out the hard drive with special software for making sure that the private information id forever is gone.

Wiping a System’s Hard Drive

You don’t require hours to complete the process. It will solely depend on the size of the drive. Plus the method you have chosen.

There must be something that is important to you. Make a backup. Once the hard drive is complete, there won’t be any way to get the drive back.

Launch an available information removal program. Try to go for DBAN as it is the first pick. It is widely used for wiping hard drive.

Although there are several ways to erase any hard drive.

  • Use data destruction software for ease.

Complete the necessary steps for installing software. In case of a bootable app like DBAN, get an ISO image. You also can have a USB flash drive. Using CD or DVD would include burning ISO image including booting from disc too.

  • Just wipe it out as mentioned according to the program.

When you have wiped hard drive completely then the user will be much more confident that the info is transpired for good. Just install windows on the drive or set up a new partition. Give hard drive away. Dispose of it. Restore backed up files.

  • An alternative to simple Hard Drive Wipe

Let’s start with Windows Vista, the process of formatting is changed. One single write zero is applicable for each of the standards. During a format, a first hard drive wipe is performed. Wipe the drive after an installed setup in ‘Windows 10, 8,7 or Vista’. Follow hard drive wipe instruction if you want something more secure. It’s a wipe of plain partition. Format the additional wipes as well. It will make the entire disk wiped.

Do you want to shred the files?

Are you sure about shredding files? Ensure that deleting files are gone before performing this particular step. Destroy individual file. Most shredder also conducts a free space wipe. It is a wipe of all open space. It will consist of previously deleted files too.

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